About Us


About Us

Mutts O’Muckhart is a unique 2 acre park designed with one purpose in mind – allow dogs and their owners to have a safe environment to enjoy exercising.

Our purpose built park is fully lit with secure boundary fencing and designed to create a stimulating environment for the dogs to discover and explore.

Being that all dogs are naturally active and therefore require to be both mentally and physically stimulated, if we ignore or do not adequately provide these needs for our dogs they become bored.Boredom can lead to frustration and anxiety resulting in what we term as “bad behaviour”

Our park provides a natural and healthy way for your dog to get mental stimulation through exercise and socialisation.

  • Do you currently have to walk your dog on its lead?
  • Does your dog have minimal interaction with other dogs?
  • Does your dog lack stimulation through play?
  • Do you find it difficult exercising your dog on dark nights/after work?
  • Would you like your dog to play with similar sized dogs?
  • Would you like somewhere to exercise your dog freely whilst you have a coffee and check your emails?
  • Would you like somewhere different to exercise your dog?

“change the way you
exercise your
dog today”

Our barn area provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy snacks and refreshments with free wifi.

Coming soon will be a large sand pit for those of us who have dogs who love to dig, and a pond to keep cool or just have fun.

Mutts O’Muckart aims to provide an area ALL YEAR ROUND for you to exercise your dog with similar dogs,and meet like minded people.We will aim to keep same size dogs together therefore we ask that you book ahead where possible and only have a maximum of 10 dogs in the area at any one time.